Today: April 29, 2017

Nature Trails


SINHG oversees five walking trails on Seabrook Island. These trails, on Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) land are trails were created by SINHG and are maintained in partnership with SIPOA. The trails remain in their natural states and some have markers identifying the vegetation. They are for foot traffic only, not bicycles and should be used only from dawn to dusk.

SINHG is responsible for the design, production, and installation of the wildlife learning stations that can be found at three of the Seabrook beach entrance boardwalks. Two stations at each entrance provide owners and visitors valuable information about the sea turtle and dolphin populations that are active along our shores. Another station is located at The Lake House with information regarding the fish, birds, reptiles and mammals surrounding the lake.

SINHG  - Info Signs

Boardwalk Learning Station